We all chose to spend our lives working on smiles and learning new treatments to improve your orthodontic experience. We enjoy helping our patients achieve their best smile; but if we weren’t so into oral health, we probably would’ve been comedians. Jokes are the fastest way to see our patients smile, so we let them fly all the time around the office.


Dr. Ryan Rudd

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Restaurant: 

Guilty Pleasure: 


Kerri Chase – Sterilization Tech

Favorite TV Show: The Challenge, It’s super entertaining

Favorite Restaurant: The Spaghetti Factory is one of the best

Guilty Pleasure: There’s a possibility that it’s Taylor Swift


Tammie Morgan – Scheduling Coordinator

Favorite Movie: I love old movies from the 1940’s

Outdoor Activity: Gardening, clam digging and oyster picking for sure

Favorite Dessert: I really like Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce


Amelia Pohl – Financial Coordinator

Family: My two favorite people are my daughter, Helena, who has a well-developed book obsession and Mr. Pohl, who enjoys bird watching and beekeeping

Favorite Restaurant: My favorite restaurant would have to be the “Pohl family kitchen of wonder and delight”

Favorite Places On The Peninsula: Anywhere on the peninsula is highly preferred


Alisa Price – Orthodontic Assistant

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate is my secret love

Outdoor Activity: I really enjoy going on walks on the beach

Favorite Places On The Peninsula: The Westport beaches for sure


Jessica Rudd – Orthodontic Assistant

Family: My husband, Casey and I raise two beautiful daughters Peyton and Abby

Favorite Restaurant: Little Devils Lunchbox and Chestnut Cottage, mmm yum

Guilty Pleasure: My guilty pleasures include camping, Disney and all sweets


Chelsea Rice – Orthodontic Assistant

Family: I was born and raised in PA with my parents, brother, half-sister and 2 step sisters

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Let’s just say Second Hand Lion and The Italian Job are two of the best

Outdoor Activity: Whether I’m hiking, biking, fishing, chopping wood, or hunting, I just really like being outdoors


Darci Wagner – Scheduling Coordinator

Favorite Restaurant: Two of my favorite are Oak Table and Jose’s, their food is really good

Guilty Pleasure: I love chocolate and shopping at Rei

Favorite Places On The Peninsula: My favorite place on the peninsula is Klahhane Ridge


Amy German – Treatment Coordinator

Family: I moved back to Port Angeles from Michigan to live near my family. My cat Simon was a great co-pilot on the trip

Favorite Movie/TV Show: I really enjoy trilogies and crime shows

Outdoor Activity: Running, hiking and walks with my baby niece


Cheryl Weir – Orthodontic Assistant

Favorite Movie/TV Show: “Is it secret!? Is it safe?!” If you know what I’m referencing, then you understand how much I love The Lord Of The Rings

Guilty Pleasure: I really enjoy doing nothing

Outdoor Activity: Kayaking, gardening and making bio dynamic compost


Pam Maybury – Orthodontic Assistant

 Family: I always love spending time with my granddaughter

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate dipped macaroons are always good

Favorite Places On The Peninsula: Lake Crescent is one of the most beautiful places you can find


Teri Cordery – Orthodontic Assistant

Favorite Restaurant: My favorite restaurant is Fiesta Jalisco

Guilty Pleasure: It’d probably have to be reality TV

Outdoor Activity: Kicking a soccer ball around & blowing bubbles